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FSenSync is a software package that enables synchronized recording of sensor data from affordable Android devices (smart watches, phones and tablets). The idea is to have a recording system that works robustly in locations where full control of the environment is challenging such as in gyms, parks, or concert halls. The aim is to allow direct measurements with for example accelerometers and video cameras, and to enable the use of touch screens as feedback channels that human observers can use in real-time.

The recording is controlled over WLAN with a server application on a computer. The main features of the server are starting/stopping recordings, downloading files from the clients, making timestamped notes of special events during the recording,  keeping the clocks of the devices automatically synced, and compensating for clock drift that may appear during the recordings. The server also provides relevant information about the client devices such as battery level, amount of free disk space, and quality of the clock sync.

The two main challenges in the development are maintaining a clock sync that is sufficient for scientific experiments, and synchronization between different modalities (e.g. videos, accelerations, screen touches). The current version of the software has given promising results. We have been able to maintain a clock sync within -+5 milliseconds even when the recording devices have lost network connection to the server for several minutes during the recordings.

We are currently developing and testing the software with a limited number of collaborators. The aim is to make the software package publicly available during the year 2018. If you are interested in participating in the development, please contact us.

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